Wake up

You are not late to Bitcoin. In fact, you are super-early. Bitcoin is still “controversial”, and the general position of both laymen and economic/business leaders on it is dismissive ignorant complacency.

Join the curious. Join the early.

This is the official website of Giacomo Zucco — Bitcoin enthusiast, entrepreneur, educator, and consultant.

You may remember me from some public speeches, podcasts, conference presentations, TV appearances, and panel debates on Bitcoin-related topics. I discuss the technological, social, financial, commercial, and industrial implications of Bitcoin.

Here you can:

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Disclaimer: The above pictures have been semi-randomly selected from my Bitcoin-related Twitter-pictures (they were already public). If you are embarrassed to appear next to me (understandable) let me know: I’ll take the photo down. If you claim some kind of “Intellectual Property” in some of the pictures, let me know: I’ll laugh at you for your irrational beliefs, I’ll point you to this link, but then I will take the photo down out of kindness.

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